TV & Streaming Video

Television & Streaming Video

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The popcorn is optional, but the impact is undeniable.  Video is the leading way of connecting your brand with your audience.  Wakeen Pages has the experience and tools to evaluate and schedule your campaign across all possible screens.  We take into consideration viewing habits, ratings, market penetration, and costs along with Reach, Frequency and Impressions delivery to ensure that your dollars are working smarter and harder.

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TV & Streaming Video

Network Television

Reach customers in real-time or via on-demand watching through local and national network television placements. We use our proprietary software to evaluate the best spot schedule and programming using a Reach/Frequency model and work with stations to identify specialty and live broadcasts such as sports, news and/or audience-engaged reality TV.

Cable Television

Cable allows you to reach connected customers via traditional ad buys or through audience targeting similar to digital placements depending on the cable provider. Reach entire market areas or select zones to maximize budget and eliminate waste. Ads will be served in real-time viewing as well as on-demand and DVR viewing. Wakeen Pages will work with you to determine the most effective approach to cable placements.


Ads are bought programmatically in a mix of Pre-Roll or Full Episode placements. Our reporting dashboard shows exactly where and when your ad is displayed with domain and audience transparency. OTT/CTV buys allow advertisers to reach cord-cutter audiences across all types of connected devices. Use a produced television spot, edit a social media video or work with our team to create an ad for your campaign.

Social Media

Admit it, we've all been sucked into an endless scroll of short-form videos on social media. Ads in this landscape blend in with organic content appearing in the feed for users. Social media video is a way to tell your story and spark engagement with your audience. Users can take action or click through to your website in real-time.

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Streaming Video


Programmatic is not limited to static display. Place your video across a network of sites with all of the programmatic targeting levers at your disposal.


Hulu's self-serve ad platform has launched as the only way to access their direct inventory. Geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting is available.


Run pre-roll or mid-roll advertising targeted by audience or context. Ads are skippable but placed in a PPV format so you're only paying for completed views. YouTube Ads use Google data to match your message to the right people at the right moment.


Prime Video offers advertisers an opportunity to reach customers as they browse and discover new content with the Prime Video app on living room devices. The offered ad placements are available to Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) and Prime Video Channels (PVC) advertisers.

Media Tactics

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