Email & Direct Mail

Email & Direct Mail

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Your customers are diverse, busy, hard to reach … (fill in the blank) … so having you reach them where they are already checking messages can be a great way to connect.  Whether it’s in their inbox or mailbox, email and direct mail offer sophisticated targeting capabilities and can eliminate waste.  Unlike broadcast or digital media, consumers can interact with your messaging on their time and terms.  You can include long-form content and links to learn more.  Explore the wide range of options that snail or e-mail can add to a campaign.

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Email & direct Mail

Consumer Campaigns

Reach customers with confidence and accuracy through our 100% CAN-SPAM-compliant email programs. With more than 120 attributes to select from, you can reach the right people at the right time. Use your HTML or work with our team for turnkey creative and coding. Campaigns regularly deliver more than a 15% open rate and are accompanied by campaign reporting in as few as five days after deployment.

B2B Campaigns

Connect with your target customers via email targeted by industry and job title with the geographies that are important to you. Leverage reporting analytics to inform future campaigns and connect with audiences in meaningful ways. Pull HTML from an existing CRM system or have our team design the creative. Enact re-drop campaigns to openers to act as a nurture program to tell your story in a way that drives engagement.

Google Sponsored Promotions

Google Sponsored Promotions — also known as Gmail Sponsored Ads, Gmail Ads, and Gmail Sponsored Promotion Ads — refer to a paid served directly into a prospects' inboxes. Appearing above inbox ads, once clicked, they expand to a larger format ad. Target via audience keywords, in-market audiences, demographics, affinity audiences, automated targeting, remarketing, customer match, and life events.

Direct Mail

From postcards, letters or specialty mailings, direct mail enables you to reach customers in a personal way. With a combination of targeting capabilities and integration of custom mailing lists or CRM databases, direct mail can serve to reinforce other media or as a stand-alone tactic. Ask about plastic snap-off and video playback options.

It's all about the targeting

Making Email work for you

Geographic Targeting

Target email of individuals on a National, State, City, County or Zip Code Level. A radius can be drawn around specific areas to include or exclude from the deployment.

Interest & Lifestyle Targeting

Create a custom audience using over 100 targeting levers including: Gender, Age, Income, Household, Home Value, Occupation, Media Habits, Recreational Interests and/or Religious Affiliation.

Look-Alike Audience

Export your CRM database to target viewers who share attributes with your existing customers.

Re-Drop Campaigns

Deploy a second email to openers to build frequency.

Email Solutions

Our targeted e-blast solution allows your clients to reach a look-alike customer or a completely new audience with their email offers.  With a private dashboard to set up and track campaigns, we can target on several levels to ensure that your campaign reaches the right customers.  

Other benefits of our email programs:

  • 100% CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Follows DMA guidelines
  • Subject Line Tester
  • Mailing systems leverage numerous IPs, servers and software to optimize campaigns for the highest possible inbox delivery
  • Categorical case studies help us position your e-blast campaign for the best possible success
  • Seed campaign with internal teams or key prospects/customers
  • Creative included in the cost of deployment
  • Use your HTML or work with our seasoned marketing team to turn your assets into a custom message
Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and trackable forms of marketing.  Connect with our team to see if it will work with for your clients.

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