Publisher Direct

Publisher Direct

Not your Grandpa's newspaper

If you think of print advertising when you think of Publisher Direct, then it’s time to redefine the world of publishing and what it means to advertisers.

Yes, it still includes newspapers, magazines and trade journals, but it also means access site direct websites, online networks, native content and eNewletter deployments that help advertisers reach their target audience effectively through trusted, brand-safe delivery.

Wakeen Pages have more than 50 years of combined experience working with publishers to find not only the best rates but the most effective placement strategies.  Give us your goals, budget and audience and we can provide options and combinations that may still include traditional print but will likely take you well beyond the pages of your grandpa’s Sunday Edition.

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Publisher Direct Placements


Print advertising can be valuable to any business for its potential to reach engaged audiences with detailed and relevant offers. With newspaper advertising, you can tap into local demographics and build trust within your community. Sections like Sports, Travel, Home or Community provide more relevance by positioning your ad within the appropriate context. Although positioning is often ‘first come, first serve’, Wakeen Pages advises clients on the best way to leverage premium positioning and sizing impact to generate the optimal recall and response.


Magazines including traditional glossy, publications, as well as Magazines, are popular entertainment choices and many companies want to connect with highly desirable audiences for this medium. While you may immediately think of a glamorous full-page ad for perfume in a glossy magazine, you have other options you can pursue with your clients, including advertorials — advertising made to look like editorial content — cover wraps and inserts. A key benefit to magazine adverting is that most circulation is subscription based, so you are reaching audiences who have invited content into their homes.


If you can think of it, there is probably a trade publication about it. From education and healthcare to finance and metal roofing. Trade publications may deliver to a much narrower audience than traditional magazines or newspapers, but they also reach highly engaged audiences who are seeking solutions, inspiration and information that your clients can provide. Similarly, business journals continue to be a primary source of news, professional development and networking for entrepreneurs, business owners and decision-makers. Aligning your messaging with these publications lends credibility to your brand.


Whether you are targeting multicultural, seniors or hobby enthusiasts, there are many options available to find your audience and deliver messaging that is meaningful to them. One of the most exciting movements in marketing today is the ability for people to curate their content based on what is important or interesting to them. We can use data points to find platforms in print, digital, social, audio, video and even gaming that will reach more qualified customers. Many publishers will work with you to produce content that wraps around their programming to create a seamless engagement opportunity.

With so many execution options

Find your Perfect Match


With newspaper advertising, you can tap into more local demographics and build trust within your community. Run of paper (ROP) advertising is traditional ads appearing in the newspaper. When you partner with Wakeen Pages, we’ll provide perspective and expertise while consolidating a highly effective print strategy. We place any kind of print ad in any kind of publication available: community, national, daily, weekly, trade, ethnic, display, classified and public notice.

Free-Standing Inserts (FSI)

Print advertising is valuable to any business for its potential to reach engaged audiences with detailed and relevant offers. Free-standing inserts (FSIs) are one way to distribute expansive sale inventory, direct response cards or simply to stand out from the crowd. When you work with Wakeen Pages, we provide industry knowledge, top strategies & logistics for newspaper advertising with FSIs.

High Impact Ad Units

Publisher direct doesn't mean one flat print ad or a handful of banner ads. Wakeen Pages has the network and know-how to build robust and multi-layered campaigns that stretch the boundaries of traditional print and digital placements to provide your client with an effective way to reach highly desirable audiences. Our specialization helps build frequency and invites connection.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content gets customers' attention by advertising directly on a publisher’s website, social media platform or blog. Sponsored posts may take the form of an article, newsletter, video, advertorial or custom execution. This content is commonly created by the publisher with guidance from the client and appears after or within the newsfeed that they are reading or watching.


One of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to engage with consumers is to "hitch a ride" on a subscriber newsletter or email. These traditionally have a higher open rate than unsolicited email deployments because they are received by a publisher that they know and have requested information from. This is a great B2B solution as many trade publications as they represent hard-to-reach niche audiences or often have custom deployments to subsegments of their databases with even more curated content.

Custom eBlasts

Targeted eBlasts allow your clients to reach their desired audience directly in their inboxes through a completely customized email. We traditionally see a 15% or more open rate. Targeting includes demographic, geographic and interests for B2C audiences. For B2B targeting we can include industry and titles along with geography.

Public Notices & Classified Ads

While newspapers have many sections, you’re probably familiar with the classifieds - help wanted, yard sale or owners selling their used cars. Loyal newspaper readers engage with this content on a regular basis both in traditional, printed form and through digital applications with the publisher. Wakeen Pages specializes in both classified and required public notices for auctions, legal and utility purposes.

A Case for Print

Why Publisher Direct


Local newspapers work hard to connect with the community and build a sense of trust. With this lens of reliability, people will be more inclined to trust your ads and, by extension, your business. The same is true of trade publications and magazines where content is curated and vetted to reach specific audience segments.


When you publish an ad in your local paper, you’re speaking directly to your community. For a small business for which the community is the backbone of sales, appealing to the locals has a lot of power.

High Engagement

In digital or broadcast media, users move quickly and operate on shorter attention spans, so ads are lucky to receive a quick glance. Newspaper readers expect advertisements and actually engage with the material more because of it.

Speed to Market

With short deadlines and basic creative needs, most organizations can reach the community quickly with little overhead cost.

More Detail

Depending on the size of the ad, you can include powerful images, compelling copy and additional product details not easily communicated in other media forms.

Custom Content

When placing ads in trade journals or lifestyle publications, you are reaching an audience that is already aligned with your brand, so you can provide information, solutions and calls-to-action that resonate at a higher level.

Long Shelf Life

Unlike a television commercial or digital ad that is delivered for a limited time, print ads live on in the publication for days or even months. This increases the opportunity for them to be seen.

Media Tactics

Digital &

Email & Direct mail


TV & Streaming Video

Radio & Streaming Audio

Benefits of classified placements

Depending on what your business offers, you may use one kind of ad over another. When you choose an ad type, it’ll be placed under that heading in the classifieds, making it easy for readers to navigate the section and find what they want. Common advertisement types for businesses include:

  • Business: This option is excellent for advertising sales, offers, promotions and even requests for business partners.
  • Property: If you’re a landlord or property broker, you’ll find that the property section is the best way to advertise houses and other buildings for sale.
  • Recruitment: If you’re looking for more employees to join your operation, the recruitment section will enable you to describe the job opportunity you’re offering.
  • Announcements: This a general category for anything your business may need to declare for government or individual purposes, like a name or address change.
  • Public notice: A public notice or note is a type of announcement, but it exclusively relates to government processes, like contract changes, new ordinances and regulation reminders.

If debating the advantages and costs associated with FSIs vs ROP, please consider the following:

  • Targeting: FSIs can often be zoned by zip code, radius from a physical address, cluster or county allowing reach and cost efficiencies.
  • Space: FSIs provide additional space to include specific details and conditions.
  • Linking digital and print: With the increased presence of QR codes, inserts are an excellent way to combine print and digital. Include a QR code on your FSI that links to your website or a promotional page to appeal to both the print and digital markets.
  • Multifunction marketing: Inserts can work as sales sheets or promotional pages, and you can print out extra to hand out at your business’s location. Plus, they’re more likely to get attention in the newspaper than they would as a solo piece of mail.
  • Sundays: While people are relaxing and doing the crossword puzzle on Sundays, they’re also on the prowl for sales and coupons. This Sunday paper crowd is sure to notice your inserts.
  • Response driver: cited as a top source for advertising sale information, FSIs also drive response by including a perforated response card or promotional product that can be sometimes attached to the insert.
  • Saving money: Digital printing has never been easier, which means it’s also never been cheaper. You can print a colored insert for a low cost, and the distribution through the paper will cost less than standard postage.

Benefits of FSI placements

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Harnessing the power of publisher direct can be overwhelming given all of the options. Wakeen Pages can help you navigate the complexities of hundreds of newspapers and magazines across the U.S. Request a quote today to get started on your venture into print advertising.