What is a
Culture Spotlight?

It’s your brand illuminated.


What would the impact be if your audience could peek behind the curtain & understand that certain “je ne sais quoi”* which makes you, you?

A Culture Spotlight can do that.

How? We bring clarity to the more intangible aspects of your organization through concise, emotionally driven video.

We’re not talking about merely a generalized overview of what you do, we’re talking about the “Greatest Hits” of your company culture. It’s highlighting and clarifying the things you do every day that people don’t normally see. The goal here is to be factually clear and emotionally resonant. We do this by weaving in the perfect music tonalities and sprinkling in flashes of personality from your staff and leadership. The result is an elevated corporate video with heart, soul, and clarity.





Culture Spotlights that have made a difference for our clients

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