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For most marketers, the Request for Proposal (RFP) process is often met with dread. It’s infamous for its complexities, time-consuming nature, and sometimes ambiguous outcomes. By implementing a few strategic measures, the RFP process can be transformed into a painless and productive endeavor for both the issuing company and the responding parties.

Our Process

What can you expect?


The process starts with a 90-minute, facilitated discovery session between Wakeen and key stakeholders to determine goals, details, timing and needs of the project.


Based on the discovery, Wakeen will write the Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP) documents, and subsequent evaluation rubrics.


Next our team will research up to 30 potential partners based on the specifications of your project. This list may include incumbent partners.

Administer RFI

An RFI allows you to cast a wide net and gather essential information about prospective partners before requiring detailed proposals. This step in the process helps single out your most qualified matches.

Coordinate RFP

The RFP document will be sent to top candidates and will contain: Overview of your organization, outline of the project goals and objectives, deadlines/timeline of the project; and submission requirements and expectations. Wakeen will communicate, organize, schedule, and participate in the RFP submissions and presentation.

Award & Onboard

Finally, Wakeen communicates the decision to all participants and can either manage the project deliverables or ensure that everything is in place between you and the selected agency to get started.

How we view Collaboration

The Art of the Painless RFP

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