Radio & Streaming Audio

Radio & Streaming Audio

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Like most channels in the media landscape, audio has (and continues) to evolve, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that people are still listening.  They are listening in their cars, from their desks, at the gym and home.  The key is having your advertising running when and where they are listening through a diversified audio strategy that may include some combination of traditional radio and streaming channels.  We take a Reach/Frequency + Impressions-based approach to audio placements to ensure that your schedule is not just efficient, but also effective.

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Radio & Streaming Audio

Traditional Radio

Local radio continues to provide real-time, community-based programming along with music, sports or talk that is a part of people's lives. Radio stations offer promotions, contesting and audience interaction that is largely unduplicated in any other media platform. From commercial schedules, segment sponsorships or on-air personality endorsements, we can evaluate the best station and daypart mix to maximize your budget and supplement your overall media strategy. As a part of our process, we negotiated added value and audit schedules every month to ensure that schedules run as planned.

Online Radio

Radio stations and broadcast groups are fully accessible through connected devices via websites and apps. In addition to audio ads, these platforms allow advertisers to run display ads, so listeners can engage with advertisers in real time. With many listeners transitioning from traditional radio to tuning in via online channels, it is important to have a diversified schedule that includes a combination of both conventional radios and online listening to ensure that you stay connected to customers throughout the day.

Streaming Audio

Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing forms of communication, second only to video. Streaming audio channels allow advertisers to align with podcast listeners based on audience, topic, interest and/or impressions. Music streaming audiences continue to grow on platforms like Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music where listeners can curate playlists and explore artists and genres. Ads run in music sets and include display ads on screen no matter what device they are using. Target by geography, demographic, music genre or other attributes to ensure that you reach your audiences.

Listening tailored to your audience

Streaming Audio


Pandora advertising allows brands to create short, 15-second or 30-second-long audio spots and place them in front of relevant audiences. These are their “Audio Everywhere” ads, and users can’t skip or scroll past them. With these ads, you can also add a visual component so that an image will appear while the user is looking at their screen.


Submit a 30-second pre-recorded ad or use Spotify's free ad creation to have them record your spot. You have control over the script, background music, and voice actor. Target users by demographic and/or music genres. Ads are displayed with an accompanying banner that links directly to your website.


Podcasts can be run programmatically through a streaming provider's network as pre-roll or in-episode spots. Ads can also be placed publisher direct with the show. You can sponsor episodes or segments or partner with the show for host-read spots. Take advantage of the podcast network to extend reach to social media, e-newsletters, or sponsored content.


Don't see what you're looking for above? We also have access to inventory with iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Audacy, PodcastOne, Sonos Radio, Sound Cloud, and more. Ask about custom options.

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