MARCOM Blueprint

Clarity and alignment don't just happen

Build a Foundation for Success

Do you have a well-defined, aligned and clear marketing and communications strategy? The Wakeen MARCOM Blueprint will equip you with the research, analysis, tactics and organization required to go from NOW TO NEXT.  From non-profits to global manufacturing, the blueprint has proven to be an essential resource in developing intentional and accountable action plans.

Developed through (2) 90-minuted facilitated discovery sessions with your team, we then distill your marketing strategy into one poster-sized snapshot along with a supporting research deck that can be implemented immediately and referred to consistently.  

Frequently asked questions

What can you expect?

Q: How much of my time is required?
A: Two 90-minute Discovery Sessions

Your time commitment to this process is two facilitated discovery sessions. These should include key stakeholders from marketing, communications and/or sales, so that we can get insight and understand desired outcomes and goals for your custom MARCOM Blueprint.

Q: When will I get my Plan?
A: Go-To-Market in 60 Days

For most clients, the entire process takes under two months. This allows time for discovery, research, analysis, strategy and a full plan that you can put into action immediately. There is no obligation to work with Wakeen & Company to implement your strategy unless we can bring value, perspective and bandwidth through managed service.

Q: What do I get?
A: Poster-style Plan + Reference Deck

The deliverable includes the key components of your Marcom Strategy conviently organized into a colorful poster, so you can stay the course. This is accompanied by a comprehensive supporting deck that includes research, recommendations and best practices that can be referenced continuously.

Every organization is different, but the deliverable is the same

What's Included?

Audience Profiles

We help you characterize who you are trying to reach by clearly identifying demographic, socio-economic and behavioral attributes among primary, secondary and tertiary audiences. This includes audience mosaics for direct consumers. Audience targeting informs messaging, content and media placement to ensure that you are engaging your customers in meaningful ways.

Geographical Insights

Determining where you have the best opportunity to intersect with your customers by being specific with your marketing footprint leads to more efficient media placements. Through this process, we will drill down on the markets to focus on. Sometimes this includes entire regions or states, but for most clients we look at specific counties or zip codes. Your sales data coupled with Census and media ratings steer us toward better tactical solutions.

Media Tactics + Flight Calendar

Not every MARCOM Blueprint includes paid advertising, but for those that do, we will build out a flight calendar with budget allocation. Each recommended media tactic includes details about how it connects to your goals, audience and geography targeting, and how it should be measured. The media flight calendar includes grassroots and/or promotional events as well as any ongoing customer communications or events, so that you can see all of your marketing and communications activity in one place.

Research + Analysis

Everything starts with (2) 90-minute facilitated sessions where we unpack everything from organizational structure and service lines to company persona and strategic goals. From there we conduct a digital audit, competitive analysis and market research.

Resources + Messaging

Using restraint-thinking methodology, a key aspect of our process is to evaluate the resources available and how to leverage them. This includes tangible components like your website, CRM or creative assets as well as intangibles like reputation and the language you use to communicate your brand. We will capture key messaging that can be incorporated into future campaigns with recommended calls-to-action.

Milestones + Action Steps

The Blueprint is designed to be implemented by your marketing team. It will include specifics action steps and recommended milestones to ensure ongoing success. Examples include blog topics, social media content mapping, SEO plans, and advertising plans along with best practices and resource guides.

Why wait?

Two 90 minute sessions to build your Blueprint