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and.  Such a little word … so many possibilities.  What if you could do strategic planning and have fun?  What if you could have a dynamically efficient marketing plan and communicate it across your organization on one page?  What if you could expand your marketing team by 5 people and stay within your budget?   What if you could work with a strategic partner and keep your current creative, PR, media buying, etc.?

The “& Company” in Wakeen includes our full team of innovators, facilitators, strategists, media buyers, content creators, but it also includes you, your teams, your partners, the people and resources that have gotten you this far and the new opportunities, communications and collaborations that will take you to next!

Let’s unlock your true potential with the power of and.

Our Services


If clarity and accountability are missing from your plan – maybe we can help


Leverage our expertise and reporting systems to get the most out of your marketing dollars

Strategic Planning

Let our proven SCAN™ process take your organization from now to next


Have a new project? We can help write and manage the RFP Process for you


Work with our Studios team to transform ideas into compelling stories


Videos, blogs, social media with intentionality

Our Process

How We Work

01 Organization & Strategy

We start by understanding your business, goals and resources through a facilitated discovery process. This information is then funneled into a Marketing & Communication Blueprint that serves to guide marcom decisions and activities or a Strategic Plan that drives your business goals forward. We work with you to communicate your plans across your organization and to key partners from all disciplines.

02 Executing & Managing

Collaborating with you on a sustainable strategy is at the core of our success. Your custom marketing and communications plan will activate the best combination of internal resources, trusted partners and our subject-matter experts to maximize capacity, proficiency and budget. Every engagement culminates into an Action Strategy that can be implemented immediately and maintained without disrupting business flow.

03 Communication & Accountability

We are committed to conveying your message in a way that will have meaning and deliver results. Refined messaging, continuity of brand representation, and consistency in reporting all work toward a cohesive strategy that drives ROI. Managed Service engagements include regular touchbase meetings to report on milestone progress and key metrics as well as recommendations to recalibrate based on changing business needs. We encourage collaborative sessions with partners in other disciplines such as PR or sustainability; and lead innovative facilitations with inter-office teams like sales, customer service or product development.

Our Services

MARCOM Blueprint

If clarification and accountability are missing from your plan – maybe we can help!

Managed Services

Leverage our expertise and reporting systems to get the most out of your advertising dollars

Strategetic Planning & Special Projects

Let us work with you to develop your voice and ignite your brand

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