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Intentionality starts with relationship

Meet Wakeen

We are a team of strategists, dreamers, curators, facilitators, negotiators, coaches, marketers, visionaries, partners, videographers, writers, artists and storytellers who believe anything is possible.

Because we value relationship, we find ourselves taking your business as seriously as we do ours.  This means presenting ideas and strategies that challenge you to think differently and push us make a personal investment in your success.  

People are our greatest asset – both inside the organization and the clients, agencies, partners and publishers that we get to work with outside these walls!


Your Team


Visionary. Grandpa. Small Business Advocate.

“What’s your story?” If you have ever met Jeff Wakeen, you have likely been asked this question. From the waitress at the local diner to the CEO of a multi-division international corporation, Jeff is a collector of stories for the purpose of seeing people unlock their true potential.

With a career in advertising, media and marketing spanning more than 30 years, Jeff is also a certified executive coach and founder of Connection Mission. His resume includes broadcast media sales and management; ownership of a full-service advertising agency; partnership of Target Media; and now Founder and CEO of Wakeen & Company Family of Brands.

Beyond business, Jeff and his wife Tracey are outdoor enthusiasts who have passed this love of adventure on to their three children. Married over 30 years, their family continues to grow with grandchildren.

Jeff has the unique ability to open a dialogue, explore strengths, expose vulnerabilities, and lead clients to rediscover purpose in their life and business. Pairing introspective reflection and self-awareness with the motivation to build and maintain a healthy business culture is something that he not only guides others in, but also lives out.

To find out more, he warmly invites you to start a conversation.


Chief Strategy Officer/Partner
Innovator. Dog lover. Trivia Buff.

Joanna is a strategist, innovative thinking facilitator and self-proclaimed geek.  As our Chief Strategy Officer, she is continually digging into the data to uncover patterns and piece together the media puzzle for our clients.  With nearly 30 years’ of experience in marketing, advertising and operations as both a client and an agency partner, she is continually leveraging resources as if every campaign was hers.  From the most complex, multi-division, global clients to small business start-ups and community credit unions every project is a unique challenge that feeds her curiosity and drive for results.  After cheering from the stands for the marching band and drumline for many years , she has launched both of her children into adulthood.  She and her husband Michael are now focused on raising pet therapy dogs.


Chief Engagement Officer/Partner
Activator. Communicator. DIY Junkie.

As Chief Engagement Officer for Wakeen & Company, Kevin finds joy when activation and accountability intersect to form a well-defined communication strategy. He is a passionate advocate for his clients and believes authentic collaboration leads to better results. He has put his skills to the test over the last 20 years, where he has represented a number of leading agencies & brands in categories from travel & financial to insurance & manufacturing.

Although he can often be found watching sporting events or golfing, chances are he will be at the hardware store at least twice on any given weekend. A DIY junkie, Kevin typically has a few projects in process at any given time. He resides in York County with his wife of 20 years and two active children.


VP & Executive Producer
Collaborator. Culture Connoisseur. Foodie.

Jonathan Berger, Vice President and Executive Producer for Wakeen Studios, is passionate about discovering each client’s unique story and helping them effectively and dynamically connect with their audience through video in a way that inspires action. As a self-described gregarious person, Jonathan loves that his job allows him to regularly connect with people from all walks of life and build lasting relationships.

For more than a decade, he impacted state education policy in Pennsylvania through his roles at the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) and Pennsylvania House of Representatives. When not being creative at work, he loves singing and playing guitar and travel adventures.


VP, Operations
Deliberative. Cubs Fan. Volleyball Referee.

Chris started in media last century, cutting his teeth in print media both at newspaper companies and in the agency world. Fast forward to today and he’s been at Wakeen and Company as the VP of Operations for almost 5 years. He absolutely loves the culture (and the clients of course) with jellybeans coming in close behind. As a company intentionally living out the words Truth, Humility and Grace, it gives him a pathway of communication both internally and externally to do the right thing and find growth in every interaction. Outside of work, you’ll find him spending time with family, traveling or on a nearby volleyball court.


VP, Engagement
Relationship builder. Fast-paced. Family Man.

As VP of Engagement of Wakeen Pages, he has spent his entire 15+ year career in the marketing and advertising world, acting as a resource for agencies and clients alike in mapping out the appropriate strategy and media tactics for their unique marketing goals. Wes loves the fast-paced nature of the industry, cultivating relationships and putting his problem-solving skills to the test.

Away from the office, you will likely find him in his “family-man” role as husband and proud father of four. Typically, this involves all kinds of sports (both watching and participating), the great outdoors, traveling and making each other laugh. When given a moment of his own choosing, a coffee or beer outside on the porch is pretty much perfection.


Sr Marketing & Media Manager
Negotiator. Multi-tasker. Authentic.

Lindsey, Senior Marketing & Media Manager for Wakeen Pages is all or nothing in every area of her life from Philly sports teams and co-ed volleyball to media buying. Her professional superpower is the ability to manage multiple projects at once – all on a deadline – even while soaking up the Florida sunshine!

With more than a decade of experience, she has worked on campaigns spanning from tourism and retail to manufacturing and finance.  With two nieces driving her to show that anything is possible for women in business, she is most proud of the authentic relationships that she has built over the years with both clients and co-workers.


Creative Director
Storyteller. Lego Master. Mission Driven.

Born into a family of editors, Davis has always been driven by a desire to find and share meaningful stories. While spending a year partnering with nonprofits around the world, he discovered the impact of storytelling, and its ability to transform organizations. After returning to Pennsylvania he dove into the world of video production, dedicated to empowering organizations through intentional video content. In his current role as Creative Director at Wakeen, Davis continues to live out that mission: Helping brands expand their reach through compelling video. When he’s not on set, Davis can be found hiking the AT, longboarding, or at home with his wife Christie and their cat Nacho.


Marketing & Media Manager
Competitor. Drummer. Life-long Learner.

Elyssa has been with Wakeen and Company as an intern, marketing assistant and now Marketing & Media Manager. She enjoys being challenged to master various business verticals to best communicate our clients’ stories. Elyssa directs a local high school drumline when she’s not at work. She also enjoys cheering on the Steelers, spending time with her two cocker spaniels and learning new skills such as juggling, playing the ukulele and solving a Rubik’s cube.


Account Coordinator
Creative Thinker. Organizational Blackbelt. Artist.

As a recent James Madison University graduate, Nick enjoys diving deep into the world of marketing and communications. He particularly enjoys using creative thinking skills to absorb information, solve problems and promote efficiency.

Internally, he has earned the title “Asana Master” and puts his organizational blackbelt skills to work helping to keep projects on track and deadlines met. When not working, you can find him painting or doing other forms of visual art. He can also solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute!


Production Assistant
Responsible. Book Worm. Administrative Mastermind.

Multitasking comes naturally to Areli as a result of being one of ten siblings. As the Production Assistant, she works behind the scenes to make sure that every project and presentation is a success. You can find her capitalizing on her superpowers when she is printing documents, scheduling meetings, answering the phone, and managing video projects all with a smile!

You can find Areli traveling, spending time with family, or curling up with a good book outside of her work hours. She is inspired when she is outside in nature or exploring new places.

Our Story

What We Stand For

01 Anything is Possible

The belief that anything is truly possible fuels our creativity and approach to every aspect of what we do at Wakeen & Company. No idea is too crazy ... okay, some are ... but there is also a nugget of a possibility in them too. Bring on the impossible and let's make a plan to bring it to reality!

02 Unlocking True Potential

Finding the value in each person, story, opportunity, concept and then moving the "tumblers" of strategy to release it is what drives us. If you feel stuck, then maybe we can help find the right combo to unlock your organization's potential.

03 Truth, Humility, Grace

If it's not true, doesn't allow others to grow and doesn't create a space for someone to be heard and/or seen, then it has no place at Wakeen. Period.

04 Helping People Be Intentional

Someone once defined intentionality as doing the next right thing ... but what if you don't know what that thing is? We wake up everyday excited to help our clients and our team define how to move forward with intention. Action steps to unlock true potential and make it all possible!