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Are you ready to disrupt the status quo in your industry?

Building intentional marketing & communications for the design, manufacturing, and construction industry.

Marketing Strategy. Media Planning & buying. Commercial Video Production.

At Wakeen & Company, we have vast experience in the design, manufacturing, and construction industry. These relationships give us access to industry-specific insights and preferred status with vendors, uniquely positioning us to provide custom solutions guaranteed to access target audiences, generate action and deliver tangible results.

While our brands each focus on a specialized business discipline, we share a common purpose, vision and mission fueled by the belief that anything is possible.

Strategic Partnership

You wouldn't build without a blueprint, would you?

Marketing and communications is no different. Wakeen Strategies partners with organizations to build a solid foundation and an action plan so that we can map out a pathway to success, together. We then provide ongoing managed service resources – meaning we organize, strategize, execute and manage all the marketing tactics needed to help our clients achieve their goals.

Video Production

Your organization is unique. Why not build visuals with a partner who can breathe life into your story?

Wakeen Studios is a team of veteran filmmakers and marketers who specialize in telling our clients’ stories in a way that resonates with their audiences. Effective video marketing requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. We value making the process an easy lift for our clients, while collaborating to create content that actually moves the needle by inspiring action.

Media Placement

Is your advertising plan more form or function?

At Wakeen Pages we create campaigns that do far more than simply “check the box.” Our team always aims to understand the “why” behind the buy, and pride ourselves on uncovering the best-fit audiences and delivering high-impact ad solutions in the places they are already consuming relevant content. We partner with your in-house marketing team to deliver turn-key solutions for media planning, negotiation, placement and analysis. We specialize in trade publisher tactics, but also execute across all media types (traditional, digital and emerging).

Our Story

What We Stand For

01 Anything is Possible

The belief that anything is truly possible fuels our creativity and approach to every aspect of what we do at Wakeen & Company. No idea is too crazy ... okay, some are ... but there is also a nugget of a possibility in them too. Bring on the impossible and let's make a plan to bring it to reality!

02 Unlocking True Potential

Finding the value in each person, story, opportunity, concept and then moving the "tumblers" of strategy to release it is what drives us. If you feel stuck, then maybe we can help find the right combo to unlock your organization's potential.

03 Truth, Humility, Grace

If it's not true, doesn't allow others to grow and doesn't create a space for someone to be heard and/or seen, then it has no place at Wakeen. Period.

04 Helping People Be Intentional

Someone once defined intentionality as doing the next right thing ... but what if you don't know what that thing is? We wake up everyday excited to help our clients and our team define how to move forward with intention. Action steps to unlock true potential and make it all possible!

Our Services

MARCOM Blueprint

If clarification and accountability are missing from your plan – maybe we can help!

Managed Services

Leverage our expertise and reporting systems to get the most out of your advertising dollars

Strategetic Planning & Special Projects

Let us work with you to develop your voice and ignite your brand